Welding :
Welding is a process that joins two or more parts by using heat and pressure to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool. An electrode is used in this manual welding process mainly to connect metal parts or thermoplastics. Welders use durable filler material to bind the items together. As a process, it can prove hazardous, if proper safety measures are not followed. The threats or hazards include exposure to extreme heat fumes, gases, electric shock, fire. The high heat generated during the process creates a weld pool of melted material. This molten material when allowed to cool creates a combined joint part. One important point to note here is, the merged product which is the result of welding is much stronger than the two separate products. Plastic welding process creates a molecular bond between two thermoplastics and heat is used in this process. There are five basic weld types namely- butt joint welding, Tee joint welding, Corner joint welding, Lap joint welding, Edge point welding. There are certain advantages of the process of welding that can be highlighted in the below manner:

  • This technique creates a permanent joint and is best for fusion of two materials.
  • With the help of right filler material, strength and durability is ensured and that way the joints last longer.
  • This is a cost effective method in terms of material used and the fabrication process done.
  • This is a versatile process meaning, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • It is a simple process that results in a good finish.
  • It can be used in various industries may be construction, automobile, engineering and many other industries.
We at Morale Engineering are committed to provide the best welding services to our clients. Our skilled staff is well versed with the way the welding machines have to be handled, the amps/ watts to be correctly used and the point where to start and where to stop the welding.

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