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What is a Multi mill :
A multi mill is a portable equipment used to granulate, pulverize, blend, shred, chop a wide variety of wet and dry materials. This machine has attachments called as beater having impact blades and scrapper blades. These attachments are used for cutting and shaping the materials in the required sizes through a variable force involving rotating blades with a knife and sharp edges. This system includes a pulverization process which grinds and crushes the material input into small particles. In this process, the knife is used to cut large particles in to small particles. The output of the machine depends upon the shape of the beaters/ knife, screen size and the speed. The speed range of a multi-mill can vary from 720 to 2880 rpm. The main component in the manufacturing of a multi-mill is stainless steel ; grades SS304 & SS316 are recycled and made use of in the manufacture of a high quality equipment. The parts of this machine are easy to disassemble and clean, hence making it cost effective. It resembles a round cylindrical drum which gives a long lasting performance. The technical specifications for making this device differs from one customer to other. The components of a multi-mill device include the following:

  • Hopper Machine Inlet : It is that part of the machine where the materials are fed in or are inputted.
  • Milling chamber : It contains a screen to minimize particle size as well as milling and cutting edge blades plus two scraper blades.
  • Discharge point : The milled items get collected with the discharge point.
  • Electrical and mechanical chamber : The mechanical components like gears, motors, moving belts are included in the mechanical chamber. The electrical chamber consists of components like wire, switches.
Features :
We at Morale engineering, with the help of latest technology and skilled expertise of our team deliver best quality of multi mills. Our multi-mills are required for a number of applications in varied industries like pharmaceuticals, paint industry, food processing, plastic industries, fertilizer industries and so on. Some of the salient features of multi-mill can be highlighted as below:

  • The design of the mill is elegant and has a compact shape so can be adjusted easily.
  • The mill unit produces negligible noise and also the maintenance of this device is simple and easy.
  • The machine is made up of stainless steel SS304, so it remains corrosion free and non-rusting.
  • The different parts of the mill unit can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • If required, flameproof electrical components can be provided with some cost.
  • Complete suction of excess powder including efficient de-burring process.
  • These machines are well-equipped with castor wheels & hence movement of the instrument becomes easy.
  • It becomes easy to combine the perforated screen, speed and number of blades.

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